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Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones

Hold yourself Game of Thrones is long over and, whilst we are still mourning the deaths of our favorite characters last seasons, we have to wait until 2019 to see the next and finale seasons of our favorite show.

Let’s our watch start and to kill the time you can think about decorating your own home with the colors of your favorite House. If you are feeling a little DIY, you can also do like Michele Clapton and use Ikea’s furry rag to create capes.


Courtesy of: Offgridquest

Especially when the temperature falls, you want to create a warm and cozy environment around you. Who can face better winter than our favorite House of the North? Follow the style of the Stark family and add extra fur in your room.

The contrast between warm colors and the iconic grey of the House will enlight an elegant allure to the house. And if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in the house, just light it up to create a magic atmosphere.



Cover your house in red and gold furniture and decoration and you will feel like being transported to the Red Keep. Kings’ Landing is now the home of the Lannister, then be bold and add rich crimson rugs, chandeliers, and rush for a lavish appeal.



Though our journey through Westeros, here we are in Highgarden, the land of the Tyrells. In Highgarden the architecture and decor remember the nature and what better way to celebrate nature than bringing in plants and opt for natural elements such wood and straw? Make your conservatory the envy of the seven kingdoms, and be inspired by the decoration above!


A living room for a Queen. Daenerys would give double thumbs up for a living room like this in the Targaryen’s castle of Dragonstone. Neutral colors and elegance are the styles you want to go for in this charming living room. Check if the furniture is fireproof, in case you wish to have a pet dragon…

Interior design: Ida Christofi

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